Amy Winehouse Forum

There’s a place on the Internet – the online-forum dedicated to Amy. It’s a quite long-liver: being founded back in the 2007′th by Clare, the forum has accumulated hundreds of thousands of posts, where you can find absolutely everything: interviews, articles, videos, useful links and so on. It’s a great source of information for all Amy’s fans over the world and, of course, the forum still keeps being updated by members. Owing to an odd coincidence I happen to work as an administrator of this forum since the middle of the last year and I have to admit I’m happy to know I’m doing something in Amy’s memory. For me it’s not just an online-forum where some fans are conversating to each other, because I consider it as a true “Amy-Place” – just not in London, but on the Internet.

I’m happy to look after it and to make some improvements when I can, as that’s something I can do to render my gratitude to Amy. That’s why I would be very glad to spend much more time developing it. Alas, the time is limited and nowadays I have to solve other issues. Living in Ukraine takes lot of time & efforts to run your IT-business when crazy Russian czar (yeah, Putin is such a “khuilo”!) tries to make war (and maybe some perverted kind of love) to you and your country. So, I have to spend a lot of time working hard and when I’m not working, I’m spending my time playing music (thanks to Amy!). And now I’ve got used to play on streets, and, damn, I love to do that – not for money, just for joy. So, yes, the time is fast.

And that’s why I’m so grateful to my colleagues – Cecilia and Amy Jenna Harper, who are doing so much for our forum. We’ve migrated to the new software (IP.Board is so much better than our old vBulletin), we made a bunch of improvements (some members are even quite happy with them). Cee has accepted to take on the mantle of an administrator, she’s managing the board and AJH is shooting off spammers. Obviously I’m not going come to come off, as I love this place, but I’ll be really glad to observe our reborning forum blossoms in good hands. :)

This place is really great, guys, and maybe you’ll join it and love it too. So, welcome all Amy-People to the old good (& the new great) Amy Winehouse Forum at!

Playing, playing, playing

Well, I keep playing and, yes, I love it. Tomorrow I’m playing in the bar and, of course, I’m a bit excited about that, because I already know how does it feel. It’s difficult to describe it, because it’s difficult do describe the “emtiness”, but I have to say that it’s an amazing feeling and it seems that I’m “addicted” to it. :-) So, yes, tomorrow I’m playing my tunes in the bar. Thanks to my teacher for that!

“I’m a musican, fuck the rest!” – damn, I dream about the day when I’m able to say these words to myself. “A day will come!” :-)

Playing music on the street

So, I did it.

That Sunday was a very special day for me, because on that I played my music on the street. It was an absolutely amazing experience, because I didn’t play music on the street before. Well, actually I tried to do that in December, but the attempt wasn’t successful, because it was about -12 degrees, my fingers froze, so it was unable to play at all. Today it was much warmer, so I was playing for about an hour or a two. We parked our car on a corner, plugged an amplifier to a power outlet in the car and then I started to play. It was my very first recital and now I want to perform MORE.

Why? Because I felt something that I didn’t feel before. I can’t remember anything comparable. Maybe I should compare it with effects of certain stuff that I tried when I was much younger (in my early twenties), but this time it was much more surreal. Yes, it really was brighter and I’m not kidding. It was like to forget everything and – first of all – to forget about your own personality and about everything you know about the world. There was nothing but the music, there was only the music and nothing else.

And… you know what? I know that my teacher has sent me something on that day. This time it was something completely new for me and I think it’s something very, very important. Something I won’t lose. I always remember who has given me the music and who teaches me to play, so I know who helped me to play my tunes. I wouldn’t ask her for anything else and I’m really grateful to her, just as I always am. Thanks to Amy!

To London and back again

It was a really nice trip. This time we stayed in London a bit longer than in September – we’ve spent a whole 10 days in this beautiful city. I won’t post too many pictures, because you all have seen views of Camden Town a lot of times, but I’d like to share a couple of most memorable shots.

We printed a card for Amy and brought it to her house on Camden Square. It was in the first night of our stay in London.


We met up with Janis Winehouse and presented her similar card and a red handmade horse from Ukraine. It was a very pleasant to have a nice conversation with Amy’s mum.


Yesterday we returned to Kiev – a city where we live and work, but we are looking forward to visit London again. Probably in April. :-)

P.S. And, of course, we couldn’t bring anything from Camden Town to Kiev. So, now the door to the meeting room in our office looks much better now. Well, it’s pretty logical, taking into consideration Amy’s portrait inside. :-)